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While many remain elusive, for the majority of the men it has proven to be easier than expected. Several factors somewhat unique to the area contributed to this fortunate situation and most of those can be traced back to the college.


Other Vets Who've Called Riley Co. Home

Although this project serves as a memorial to Riley Countians with significant connections to the county from before the war, we must acknowledge the many men and women who served their country and came to settle in the county after their service was through.  As is still the case today, a significant number of service men and women have spent portions of their service at Fort Riley and established connections with the local community during their time here.  Many such service members and their families came to call the county home after their service was over.  Still, other former service members wound up in Riley County to get an education at Kansas State University or to take advantage of local employment opportunities.

For whatever reason, a great deal of World War II veterans without deep connections to Riley County before the war came to settle here afterwards and have contributed greatly to its history and the social fabric.  Not wishing to exclude these valued community members, here we dedicate a special memorial to them and their service.  Many such non-native Riley County veterans contributed materially and financially to support this project.  To them we are very grateful.


Please help us in our effort to remember these veterans. Many of their bios are lacking any content.  Anyone with information related to any of the men included below are encouraged to contact us at  You can also submit information directly by following the link below.

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We are particularly interested in photographs, letters, service documentation, and any other forms of personal documentation that may help us to create a more complete memorial.  Help us to help others remember those who served.

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Adams G. Forest

Aguilar Natividad V.

Allen Roger R.

Arthur Charles

Becker Elmer D.

Bishop Ralph J.

Bosch Paul

Bradley Eunice

Brockish Bernard J.

Brockman Carl

Bruce Robert T.

Burwell Glen

Danenberg Fred D.

Derendinger Jay E.

Dixon Lyle

Eyestone Cecil

Finney Tommie

Gaeckler Jack H.

Gott Robert

Grays Lazone

Hageman Eldon

Hagen Fred

Hemphill William Andrew

Hetzler Robert

Jeffrey Wallace G.

Johnson Kenneth P.

Johnston Leroy, Jr.

Kandt Franklyn

Kruh Robert

Larmer Oscar

Leland Stanley, Jr.

Lewis Encille

Lindholm John

Marlatt Herbert M.

Newsome Bob

O’Malley Harold

Parker Leonard

Ring John

Rivers Bernard

Roe Dean

Sarff Arlin

Sauble Patrick H.

Schoeff Robert

Schug Ivan Chester

Sexton Grice

Sharp Jim

Smith Bob L.

Stigge Norbert

Stites John

Summers Robert

Thornburrow W.

Tubach James

Walling Thurman

Wilson Joseph

Wilson Walter S.

Winter Donald

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